Peripheral Balloon Expandable Stent System

The QBX 6 F is a flexible, cobalt chromium stent mounted on an over-the-wire PTA balloon catheter.

It is designed for use in peripheral vessel diameters from 5.0 mm to 10.0 mm. The QBX 6 F is mounted on an 0.035” delivery system and is available in a full range of diameters and lengths with a shelf life of 2 years.

The QBX 6 F Peripheral Balloon Expandable Stent System provides a means of safely advancing the stent through the peripheral vessels to the desired location.

Key Features

> 6 F Introducer compatibility for all sizes
> Low crossing profile for all diameters
> Combination low shaft and tip entry profile
> Soft, tapered balloon tip for less trauma
> Flexible stent design
> High radial strength


> Simple to use
> Reduce puncture site diameter
> Easy deployment and precise placement
> Even and accurate stent expansion
> Good accessibility and high pushability across the peripheral vessels

Technical Specifications

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